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19 October 2020

Bill and Coo Hills

We are thrilled for the beautiful Bill and Coo Hills, the new destination of Bill and Coo collection in Mykonos! With deep respect to firm’s heritage and design principles the new hotel comes to offer new sensory experiences! Stay tuned!

16 October 2020

First Patent Grant in France for the Container<sup>2.0</sup> Patent Family

PEOPLE is extremely proud to announce the first Patent Grant in France from the family of Container2.0 Patents. On 9th of October The French National Institute for Industrial Property INPI announced the grant of our patent regarding the Lightweight Metallic Shipping Container. Furthermore, the first Patent Grant in the USA is evident in the first week of November, as stated in the Issue Notification from the USPTO.

25 September 2020

ICCS completed a study on the benefits of the use of Container<sup>2.0</sup>

We are pleased to announce that the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) has completed its study regarding the benefits of replacing the conventional containers with our newly developed lightweight containers. The study confirmed that the use of Container2.0 will significantly contribute to the reduction of CO2 globally. It will be published shortly.

22 September 2020

Villa ALwni

We are thrilled for Villa ‘Alwni’ in Tinos! Great sample of a modern dialog between traditional local architecture and synchronous way of living! Stay tuned!

21 September 2020

Another Patent Grant for the Container<sup>2.0</sup> Patent Family​

PEOPLE proudly announces another Patent Grant from the family of Container2.0 Patents. The new Patent Grant establishes even more firmly the innovative application of lightweight design techniques in a shipping container container. Further grants are expected shortly for other state-of-the-art solutions applied in Container2.0.​

18 September 2020

PEOPLE nominated for AMBA & BGA Excellent Awards 2021

PEOPLE has been honored to be nominated by the MBA International for the AMBA & BGA Excellence Awards 2021 in the category Start-Up of the Year. PEOPLE is the first Greek team that is nominated  by the MBA International in the category Start Up of the year, in this Global Excellence Award.

14 September 2020

‘The Cell’ Residential Complex

We are so excited for ‘The Cell’, οur new apartments complex design in Palaio Psyhico! The impressive architectural forms create a unique landmark for the region!     

20 July 2020

The Park Lane Project

PEOPLE successfully completed the Monitoring of the Project for the completion of construction of the Park Lane 5-floor building at the centre of Athens. The services provided to a top-tier international fund were oriented at the provision of comprehensive and detailed information on the progress of works and the proactive recognition of issues that could delay the completion or could compromise the quality of works.

30 June 2020

First Patent Grant for the Container<sup>2.0</sup> family of patents

On the 1st of June the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation granted a Patent Certificate to PEOPLE for the patent application regarding the Lightweight Metallic Shipping Container. The PEOPLE team welcomed the first patent grant with enthusiasm and marked the change in status from “patent pending” to “patent granted” as a historical milestone in the lifeline of the company. We are expecting with eagerness further patent grants within 2020.

17 June 2020

'MATRIX’ Apartments complex

We are excited for the design completion of ‘MATRIX’, the new apartments complex in Athens… Stay tuned!

9 May 2020

Another beneficial review for PEOPLE's patent application

PEOPLE enthusiastically announce the favorable patent examination in the Hellenic Industrial Property Organization of another PEOPLE patent application.  We have been advised that a patent will grant imminently in Greece as already is the case in France following a similar favorable examination resulting from a study performed by the European Patent Office.  We further expect similar outcomes in other global jurisdictions.

13 April 2020

One more exceptional review for a patent application from Container<sup>2.0</sup> family

On the 30th of March, we received yet another favorable review from European authorities, who have found all claimed features to be novel in a patent application that belongs to the family of patents related to the world’s lightest and most eco-friendly Intermodal container.

10 April 2020

Elia | Mykonos

We are very happy for our new design in Elia, Mykonos… a wonderful residences complex with infinity pools and uninterrupted view to the sea

24 March 2020

We Stay at Home – We Continue to Create

Everyone was talking about work-life balance, and there’s no better way to improve our work-life balance than to create from home.

We Stay at Home - We Stay Healthy

We Waste Less Time Commuting - We are More Productive

We Enjoy! It’s easier than ever!

We want to be part of the global effort not only to overcome the immediate threat, but also to shape the kind of world we will inhabit once the storm passes. Think Beyond

4 March 2020

Montenegro ‘M’ resort

We are very pleased to announce that PEOPLE has completed the 1st phase of the concept design for an exceptional new project in Montenegro. Stay tuned!

25 February 2020

RETIMO selected to be funded by the “Research – Create – Innovate” program

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected to participate in the "Research - Create - Innovate" program for the RETIMO (Real Time Monitoring) project.

The purpose of the RETIMO project is to develop a modern system, which will be supporting the supply and transport chain. Through this system, means of transport and products will be exchanging data in near real time environment, which will be analyzed with the use of predictive and artificial intelligence algorithms.

12 February 2020

International patent filing for Smart Container

PEOPLE’s international patent family has a new member. The new patent filing corresponds to the Smart Container. Our Container2.0 is the first container worldwide with embedded smart functionality.

15 January 2020

Kifisia Smart Flats’ construction

The construction of the Kifisia Smart Flats has started! The new apartment complex is going to be completed at the end of 2020.

7 January 2020

Residencies in Mykonos | ‘Houlakia’

We are excited for the design completion of the new residential complex in Mykonos – ‘Houlakia’ … The construction of the residencies will start in February.

25 December 2019

The Container <sup>2.0</sup> Certified by Lloyds Register

We are excited to announce that the Container2.0 (Type40), received the CSC and TIR Certificate from Lloyd’s Register after successfully completing the certification tests according to ISO Standards for Dry Containers.

The Container2.0 is not only the lightest metallic container in the world but also the world’s first smart dry container from its birth. The Container2.0 benefiting the transport and logistics industry, bettering business and its effect on the planet. The world can now move its goods in a more efficient, lucrative and eco-friendly way.

1 November 2019

The Editor Hotel

The Editor Hotel just opened its doors in the historic triangle of Athens. An ambitious project that brings the style of old Athens into a modern hotel. In a building that used to house craft workshops, hotel residents and visitors enjoy high quality services, while the terrace restaurant is a unique meeting place offering a panoramic view of the city.

20 October 2019

PEOPLE BiLOG 2019 participation

PEOPLE represented the PIXEL project at the BiLOG conference which took place from 16th to 17th of October at La Spezia Italy. PIXEL is an EU project in the framework of the Horizon 2020 calls which aims to increase the European small and medium ports’ efficiency while at the same time reducing their environmental impact by leveraging on the use of IoT. BiLOG is a conference that is taking place in the city of La Spezia and is organized every two years in order to create a special occasion for professionals and authorities across Europe to discuss on the sustainable, connected and resilient topics relative to sea logistics and supply chains. Leonidas from PEOPLE was a speaker at the Port of the Future round table discussion and he presented the value PIXEL is trying to create by modelling ports’ activities and measuring environmental indices with the use of environmental sensors.

14 October 2019

Energy and climate impacts of lightening the weight of containers

We are pleased to announce that we are now cooperating with the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), in order to examine and calculate the mitigation of CO2 emissions, in freight transport, by replacing conventional containers with our newly developed lightweight containers. The study will focus on 40-tonne trucks, long-distance trains and containerships.

2 October 2019

Second phase of Container<sup>2.0</sup> Tests

We successfully completed the second phase of  Container2.0 tests in August 2019 in China. The next step is to certify our product and test it in the real environment. Stay tuned!

1 September 2019

The DUKE Boutique Suites

“The Duke Boutique Suites”, the new apartments complex we designed in the heart of Athens is now open offering unforgettable experiences! 

8 August 2019

New international patent application

We are excited to announce the filing of a new patent application that refers to the unique lightweight design of the floor structure of a shipping container. The innovative floor structure is at the same time 100% recyclable, more environment-friendly and more hygienic.

21 July 2019

Serum Clinic

The renovation of an old office building into an exceptional and state of the art clinic has started. Stay tuned!

29 May 2019

The Cubes

The construction of ‘TheCubes’ apartments complex in the heart of Athens, has started. We are very proud of this exceptional building, great sample of modern urban design. 

16 April 2019

A modern complex in the heart of antiquity

We are very proud to have started construction on the apartment complex ‘cubes’. Situated in the heart of Athens, this exceptional building is a great example of how modern urban design can fit perfectly within a historically rich ancient city alongside 5th-century BC landmarks.

15 April 2019

Semeli Winery

Having completed the redesign of the historic Semeli Winery cellar we are thrilled to begin construction works.

8 April 2019

Anw Mera, Mykonos

We are pleased to announce the completion of the preliminary design for the new boutique hotel Anw Mera in Mykonos. 

30 March 2019

Two hotels in Serifos

We are excited to announce that we have completed the preliminary study of two exceptional boutique hotels in Serifos, as well as the master plan of the total wider area development.

28 January 2019

A Wooden Prism

We are very happy to present the wooden prism, our new design apartment in Kolonaki.

3 December 2018

We're testing our newly developed lightweight container system

We successfully completed the first phase of tests in December 2018 in the UK. We are now heading to China. In July we are planning to manufacture and test our 40ft HC box and 45ft PW box that comprises weight reduction, minimized maintenance and enhanced the durability of the floor structure.

2 December 2018

White Cube selected Best Summer House by EK Magazine

The ‘white cube’, the beautiful private summer house in Mykonos, is selected among the best summer houses in 2018 by EK magazine.

15 November 2018

Smart Thinking. Smart Living.

We have just completed the design of the Kifissia Smart Flats, a wonderful residential complex in the heart of Kifissia.
22 October 2018

Mykonos Boutique Hotel

We have just completed the concept design of our first boutique hotel in Mykonos in a wonderful plot with an exceptional view to the sea and Delos Island. Stay tuned.

10 August 2018

Summer House completion

We have just completed the construction of a new wonderful private summer house in Mykonos on the region of Kalafatis.

6 July 2018

Container<sup>2.0</sup> patent application has received exceptional review

We are pleased to announce that our Container 2.0 patent application has received exceptional review in Europe. A patent grant is expected to follow soon ahead of global markets. We are also planning to file for additional patents on the unique design technology we are implementing in the Container 2.0.

5 June 2018

Magma Resort, Santorini is under construction

We are proud to announce that the ‘Magma resort’ we have design in Santorini, has started to be constructed … soon it will offer unforgettable experiences to every visitor.

5 May 2018

A haven sculpted into Santorini

We have just completed the construction design of a new underground residential complex, Pezoules in Santorini.

10 April 2018

A geometric hotel in Santorini

We have completed the final design of the ‘Santorini Cubes’ a new wonderful 102 rooms hotel in Santorini.

30 March 2018

EU Funding Grand Agreement signed for Pixel Project

We have been selected for an EU funding grant for the Pixel Project. As part of the Pixel project, we are working to enable a two-way collaboration of ports, multimodal transport agents and cities for optimal use of internal and external resources, sustainable economic growth and environmental impact mitigation. The Pixel project will leverage the latest technology enabling the exchange of data among ports and stakeholders. In doing so we can ensure the measurable benefits of efficient use of resources in ports, sustainable development and green growth of ports and their surrounding cities and regions.
28 March 2018

PEOPLE certified for ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

We are pleased to announced that we successfully completed the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification process. Our team is now certified by TUV Hellas as per ISO 9001:  Management and ISO 14001: Environmental Management.

1 December 2017

International Patent for our lightweight container is filed

We are pleased to announce that we have filing for an international patent regarding our lightweight container project. The patent covers a number of innovative design features that provide the core concept of our lightweight container. Our patent application has been filed internationally throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

10 May 2017

A new restaurant in Piraeus

We have just completed the preliminary design for the total renovation of an old building in Piraeus port.

10 February 2017

O–Villas are launched

We are proud to launch the ‘O-Villas’ development, a complex of 16 unique design residences around the bay of Gialova in Messinia, the southern part of Peloponnese.
10 November 2016

Papadopouleion nursing home has launched

We are proud to announce the completion of the unique nursing home in Kalamata, great outcome of our integrated approach.
22 October 2016

A new hotel in Kalamata

We have completed the MEP, Structural and environmental design in a fruitful cooperation framework with Divercity Architects for the new Grace hotel in Kalamata.
1 October 2016

The future is technology. The future is PEOPLE.

We have now officially started on our journey, supported by our founding investors, to create incredible technology-based solutions. Our goal is to innovate and optimise global transport and logistics by creating solutions that will not only advance towards our environmental priorities but improve efficiency, save on energy and decrease operational costs.

28 July 2016

An old furniture factory is redesigned

We have just completed the preliminary design of the full redesign of an old furniture factory into a mix used building with apartments, hospitality and cultural uses.
22 January 2016

Athens Design Suite

We have completed the design and the licensing procedure of a new mixed use building, boutique hotel and apartments complex, in the heart of Athens.
12 October 2015

A smart looking and smart functioning apartment

We have just completed a wonderful smart orientated flat in Kolanaki, great sample of our design and construction team.
5 June 2015

Eight. A new office complex

We are proud to present the ‘eight office complex’ in Marousi. A unique building… landmark for the region and an exceptional sample of our integrated approach.

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